‘I have seen things so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes, yet none can match the grace, power and beauty of a horse running free’

                                                        ~author unknown

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As we begin to develop a greater understanding of the mind/body/emotion connection in healing for humans and animals, the benefits of previously labeled ‘alternative’ therapies become more mainstream.  It is now common for Veterinarians to offer Acupuncture or Chiropractic treatment along with regular care.  Only ten years ago, this was unusual. Many mainstream human hospitals (such as the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Medicine) are now using an ‘Integrative Medicine’ approach, which may include Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, energy work such as Reiki, and even Positive Psychology.


What you can expect during a Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT) session with your horse:

  • A typical session for you and/or your horse generally runs about an hour
  • To start, I talk with you to learn about any specific issues you feel your horse may have- emotional, physical, past trauma, or training roadblocks
  • During the session, I’ll allow your horse to let me know what she wishes to communicate – those issues will be cleared first
  • Since you and your horse may have different priorities, I work to find the intersection of those perspectives and facilitate dialogue
  • It’s best for you to be present.  Horses can use images to convey their thoughts and concerns, and you may provide valuable clarity and context.  You may also have some questions, and the answers can frequently give you insight on a more extensive basis


The three phases of a CCT session:

  1. The first phase creates a harmonic energy field around your horse and releases all non-essential energy patterns
  2. During the second phase, conscious intent is articulated (for example, enhanced well being, reduced anxiety)
  3. The third phase encompasses a healing in which old patterns are released, and the healthier, new patterns coalesce, and become the new ‘normal’


It is important to note that only Veterinarians are allowed to diagnose your horses’ illness or injury.  If you suspect either, please contact your Veterinarian for an appointment.  If you feel your horse has a potentially life-threatening condition, don’t hesitate to call your Veterinarian immediately.  It is our desire to provide complementary therapy for your horse in a spirit of collaboration with your trusted Vet.



CCT sessions for you:

Sessions are also available for you (without your horse).  This can be accomplished as an adjunct to life coaching (through Your Wisdom, Your Journey Life Coaching), or as a ‘stand-alone’ session to help you clear energy and allow new perspective into your life.

A few of the reasons you may wish to schedule a session:

  • You may want to transform your energy around your horses’ behavior, so you can move forward in a healthier, new way together
  • If you desire the profoundly life-changing effects of CCT, you may wish to work on clearing your own physical or emotional issues