‘Give your horse what he needs and he’ll give you his heart in return’
Author Unknown

You love your horse and want the best for her. Reading about others’ experiences  may give you some insight into the benefits of CCT. Our clients are happy to share their experiences with Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT) with the hope it may help other horses and their owners:


“Expect the unexpected! No matter what comes up in a session, it’s always something beneficial. Holly is exceptionally kind, patient and knowledgeable – she takes the time to develop rapport with your horse. As a result of Holly’s sessions, my 10 year old rescued Quarter Horse gelding is becoming self-confident and has more trust in me.  Although CCT can seem very subtle, your horses’ response is proof that it works.  If you are open to it, CCT can truly transform your relationship with your horse.”

Liz Vardara, Grass Valley


“My mare developed an impaction colic that didn’t respond to standard veterinary treatment. Surgery wasn’t an option for us, and after a week without improvement we decided to have Argo put down. A friend of mine recommended Holly, who came out to see Argo the night before we’d scheduled her for euthanasia.

After a CCT session, Argo cleared the impaction. I highly recommend Pegasus Awakened CCT and Holly Mitten – she is compassionate and genuinely cares about the well-being of your animal. I really believed nothing was going to save Argo until Holly came out and worked her magic.”

Becki Robins, Grass Valley, CA