Holly’s Bio

‘In riding a horse we borrow freedom.’
Helen Thomson

On a sultry summer afternoon, three joyful, giggling little girls sit astride the broad, soft back of a large, gentle Bay Percheron mare.  The sound is musical; the aroma of horse sweat mixes with suntan lotion on bare legs.  The buzzing of bees and soothing, teasing sound of water meandering over rocks in the creek create a heady sense of being alive and in the moment.  There is a blurring of species – the girls and the horse are thinking, feeling, and moving as one.


So begins Holly Mitten’s story.  Her earliest memories of sharing the Earth with animals came with a sense of ‘connectedness’; a balance in nature which enabled her to see beyond species-specific body language into the spirit.


As a young child, summers were spent outside, a child with wings who refused to  be confined.  She spent hours watching bugs and clouds, enchanted by the diversity and wholeness of Nature. Adventures with her family driving cross country offered a chance for encounters with less domesticated animals.  At age 6, while camping in Yellowstone, she spotted a Grizzly Bear ambling up the road toward her family’s camp.  Rather than feeling fear, she was enthralled by its beautiful fur and dog-like face. She felt awe at the majesty of this beautiful creature as it walked, the dappled sunlight reflecting at the edges of its coat. Her parents, however, were less than enthusiastic; scooping up children to cower in the family station wagon while the Bear enjoyed their breakfast.


A highly successful attorney with a well-respected practice, Holly still yearned for the connection she felt with nature.  It became increasingly clear to her that practicing law was not the soul-filling life work she was meant to experience.  She began a journey into more life and spirit-affirming studies, becoming certified by Martha Beck as a Life Coach in 2011.  Holly opened her own life coaching practice, ‘Your Wisdom, Your Journey’, and works with clients of all backgrounds who are searching for greater meaning in their lives.


This led her to explore healing techniques, such as ELAN and finally, Crystalline Consciousness Technique™,  known as CCT. The results she has experienced with these methods in working with her human clients piqued her curiosity.  Learning that horse owners were achieving profound breakthroughs in their horses’ training gave her the desire to experience this inter-species communication firsthand.  Another piece of the puzzle has been found.


Horses are clear and patient communicators.  Using CCT, Holly has found that she can facilitate emotional, spiritual and physical healing in the horse.  Her work is especially powerful when employed with the extraordinary  partnerships of horse and human – to  help them find a deeper level of understanding and connection.  In turn, this enables the horse owner to gain insight into behavioral and training issues from the horses’ perspective.

Holly has found her heart’s work enabling an understanding between horse and human that makes their interactions more effortless –  a beautiful dance which requires no spoken language.