What is CCT and how can it help my horse?

CCT is a powerful form of energy healing, similar to, but not exactly the same as Reiki and other well-known methods.  It encompasses both energy healing and pure communication.  Horses are masters at communicating through body language or images – and most are delighted to share.


Can it help my horse heal old emotional trauma or overcome the effects of abuse?

Many owners have reported that they see a dramatic shift in the trust they share with their horse following CCT sessions.  When given the opportunity, most horses can learn to let go of past wounds and open themselves to trust and love again.  Of course, you must follow the sessions with calm, fair, and consistent training and handling.


Do people use CCT to assist in training issues?

They do.  Often the horse’s perception is quite different from their person’s.  When they are open to seeing training as a mutually joyful dance they can perform together, and their opinion is valued, training results can be seen much faster.  Many top trainers and even Olympic athletes use forms of energy healing and even animal communicators to assist their horses in a greater understanding and to help them better understand their horse.


Can CCT help to identify physical pain or other limiting structural or muscle issues?

Often horses communicate physical limitations or pain during a session.  The energy work can help to clear some of those issues and may even accelerate the healing process.  Of course, if you feel your horse has any malady, it is recommended that you consult with your Veterinarian.  Only Veterinarians are qualified to diagnose and prescribe medications, so you should always check with your Vet first if you feel your horse is ill or injured.


My horse is scheduled for surgery.  Can you help prepare him emotionally?

Many owners have reported that their normally sensitive and frightened horse is calmer and more cooperative after CCT.  This can help them to have a less traumatic and more positive result whenever a medical procedure is necessary.  Just knowing you understand and will be there for your horse will help her.


What should I do to prepare my horse?

As outlined in ‘My Approach’, making sure your horse has eaten in the two hours prior to the session with help him focus on something besides food.  Horses are very concerned about food, so feeding time at the barn is generally not a good time to try to do anything else with your horse.  Make sure your horse is comfortable and free from the annoying effects of flies or other insects.  Some horses are claustrophobic – they need to know they can move around and leave if they choose.  Others love the attention and feel more secure while wearing their halter.  Yet others like being where they can see their herd members, such as a round pen.  Knowing your horse will help you to choose the best place and time for a session.  Generally it is good to avoid times when there is a lot of loud activity at your barn, which can distract your horse.


How many sessions will my horse need?

Each horse is unique.  Some owners report a huge shift in their horses’ behavior or demeanor after just one session.  Others may take several sessions to uncover issues.  In general, the deeper the issues (such as old trauma) the longer it may take to effect change.  You may think of it as the unfolding of a rose – at first, the outer layers open and expose the soft and tender interior.  Many horses need to feel complete trust before they will share trauma that has had a profound emotional effect on them.


How long does a typical session last?

You should plan on about an hour, perhaps just a bit longer for the first session.


How do I schedule an appointment?

You may either contact my via e-mail or telephone, and I’ll be happy to get your horse in the schedule as soon as possible.


Do you offer CCT for humans as well?

Certainly!  CCT began as an energetic healing method for people.  Feel free to e-mail me with your questions, or contact me for an appointment.  As a Certified Life Coach, I combine coaching with CCT for amazing results!