‘They swayed about upon a rocking horse, And thought it Pegasus’
~John Keats

Is your horse trying to tell you something?

    • Is your horse overreactive, unpredictable, or fearful?  Or perhaps he is unresponsive, or seems to ‘shut down’ when feeling overwhelmed.


    • Does your horse seem to have a physical issue – pain, illness, or inability to perform – even though he has been checked by your veterinarian?


    • Are you having training issues?  Does it feel as if you aren’t ‘dancing together’  when you ride?


  • Are you longing for a new level of intimate understanding with your horse?

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, known as CCT, may be the answer.

CCT works energetically to connect your horse to his elemental nature.  CCT is effective in facilitating energetic healing in cases of illness, and can be used to release or resolve trauma – both physical and emotional.  Physical issues or chronic conditions can not only impede your horses’ performance, they can profoundly affect his quality of life, and his engagement with you.

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Pegasus – horse of myth and wonder, an ethereal being who lived both on Earth and in the heavens.  

Horses still symbolize the magic and contrast of ancient Greek mythology.  They are a compelling combination of grace and delicate nature – as well as immense power and speed.  Their spirit is both free and fragile – they are intensely emotional beings who are profoundly affected by their environment.  Your horse is keenly aware of your emotions and takes his cues about his own safety and sense of self in large part from you. CCT sessions enable a connection with your horse’s innate spirit and a clear path  to a new and more synergistic partnership.